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“We offer great customer service!” A slogan you’ve no doubt heard before. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s a phrase used superfluously across many industries. But in how many transactional experiences can you honestly say you were blown away by wonderful service? Today, we outline an example from one of our lender clients that conveys just how committed we are to an outstanding, tell-your-friends level of service and client care.

Background: The Silk team received a standard purchase order. After title work was sent back to the client, the seller in the transaction contacted Silk to inform us that his property was supposed to have been split into two parcels five years ago, and this transaction was only supposed to involve one of the two parcels. The title work did not reflect this because the search we received did not reveal a split in his property. The seller assured us that he had a survey completed at the time and would send it to us to review.

Problem: After doing extensive research, the Silk team discovered the survey in question was never officially recorded. Unfortunately, all the necessary steps needed to complete the recording process were never actually taken at the time, unbeknownst to the seller. While Silk was prepared to advise the seller on how to complete the process, we ran into a logistical problem. The property in question was in a remote area and the Recorder’s office had extremely limited hours. It was also over an hourlong drive away from the seller.

Silk’s Solution: A Silk team member was able make contact with the Recorder’s office but confirmed that the survey paperwork would need to be physically walked into the office to be recorded. The seller’s busy work schedule combined with the distance to and limited hours of operation of the Recorder’s office made this critical task nearly impossible for the seller. Undeterred, the Silk team solved the problem by seeking out and arranging for a Courier to pick up the paperwork from the seller and deliver it to the Recorder’s office on his behalf.

Impact: Survey paperwork in hand, the Recorder’s office made the property split official and the seller was able to maintain ownership of the parcel that was never intended to be part of the sale. Another problem solved, another exceptional service experience delivered by Silk.

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